Gillette Fusion Coupon

Gillette Fusion Coupon

Gillette Fusion Coupon – Gillette Fusion is a brand of razor and personal hygiene products available at most pharmacy stores, grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience marts. The new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor has re-engineered blades with edges that are thinner than Fusion. They are finished with Gillette’s most advanced low-resistance coating, which allows the blades to glide effortlessly through hair. Providing incredible comfort, even if you shave everyday. Get gillette fusion coupons and available offers for the latest products.

gillette fusion coupons

Even with thinner, finer blades, an enhanced lubrastrip and improved blade suspension system, you may not see all of the latest innovations on the NEW Gillette Fusion ProGlide and Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razors with the naked eye but after one shave, you’ll stop shaving and start gliding. What makes Fusion ProGlide Power better than Fusion Power is technological innovation. The razor has been reengineered and redesigned to create Gillette’s Most Comfortable Shave. Learn more about products from Gillette.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power shares the same core technology as Gillette Fusion ProGlide: thinner, finer blades, a low resistance coating and the redesigned Precision Trimmer Blade. In addition to this: The improved blade stabilizer helps maintain precise blade spacing for optimal comfort. The redesigned handle now has larger, more ergonomic grips for better control. The enhanced Lubrastrip is now larger, with more lubricants and a touch of mineral oil.

The redesigned precision trimmer now features an improved blade and anti-clogging rinse slots. The streamlined comfort guard offers channels to help clear away excess shave prep. The MicroComb, found exclusively on the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power, actually helps guide hair to the blade. Together, these technologies combine to create Gillette’s Most Comfortable Shave. The handles on the Gillette Fusion ProGlide and Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razors, now with bigger, more ergonomic side grips, to help provide a secure grip when wet.
That means you’ll have more control as you shave and less worry about any slippery situations in the shower. A battery-powered razor delivers an optimal shave when the voltage and frequency remain consistent shave after shave. Over the lifetime of the battery, the voltage can weaken, reducing frequency and therefore performance. The microchip maintains constant voltage and frequency over the lifetime of the battery, delivering consistent product performance every time you shave.

gillette fusion coupon

When a battery reaches a certain level, the oscillation frequency declines and the system is no longer capable of delivering the optimal shave. The microchip inside Gillette Fusion ProGlide PowerTM senses when the battery is approaching this level. When this happens, the Low-Battery Indicator Light begins to flash, signaling that it’s time to change the AAA battery. The Automatic Shut-Off feature turns the razor off after roughly 8 minutes of continuous operation. This feature protects the battery if the razor is accidentally activated, especially when traveling.